What is the difference between Boutique Magis and purchasing sites like Groupon or Tuango ?

Boutique Magis is not a restrictive, group purchasing site. When an offer is posted on our online store, you can take advantage of it right away without restrictions! As soon as you make a transaction, you get the extra bonus percentage you are eligible for: from 25 to 40 % more added onto the amount you paid. You get to take advantage of in-store bargains and can even pay applicable taxes and tip (when applicable) straight off your Hello Visa* Prepaid Card.

How is the + 25 to 40 % statut determined ?

Each member gets our free plus 25% bonus on each Boutique Magis purchase as soon as they register. It’s also possible to receive plus 40% on each Boutique name purchase by registering for a VIP package and taking advantage of many exclusive privileges.

You can check out our different VIP packages by clicking here.

Vous pouvez découvrir les différents forfaits VIP ici.

What are the advantages of a VIP package ?
  • + 40 % bonus : for one year starting from the purchase date
  • 2 free reservations a month
  • Unlimited to wallet’ option up to 6 months following your purchase. With this advantage, you can transfer unused, refundable balances as you wish 2 free returns per month. the following will be billed at a cost of $2 per transaction..
  • Automatic return to your account for an amount of less than $10 that has been left idle in your wallet for over 60 days. This action allows us to make sure you don’t lose small amounts that might have been forgotten and that just remain unused in boutique members’ accounts.
  • A one-year guarantee on your purchase in the event of a business closing. If a merchant for which you still have an amount in your wallet closes its doors in the twelve months following your purchase, we will return the amount you paid to your wallet so that you can make new purchases on Boutique Magis. But if the business closes after the first year following your purchase, our guarantee expires and the amount will not be returned. This guarantee provides an exceptional protection that Boutique Magis insists on offering its members (this does not include special punctual promotional offers).
  • Free renewal of your VIP package according to the amounts of your purchases

Please note: The +40% bonus you receive with your VIP status cannot be combined with other offers or promotions (example: a special flash promotion might offer a +50% bonus for certain businesses. You can benefit from this offer but your +40% bonus will not be added on to the +50% granted bonus).

Important: VIP packages are non-refundable. The free, automatic renewal is a one-time thing even if you spend the required amount again.

How much does a VIP package cost ?
  • VIP +40% for 1 month – $17
  • VIP +40% for 3 months – $45 ($15/month)
    Automatic free renewal (one time only) if your purchases exceed $750 during the 3 months of your subscription.
  • VIP +40% for 6 months – $60 ($10.00/month)
    Automatic free renewal (one time only) if your purchases exceed $1,000 during the 6 months of your subscription.
  • VIP +40% for 12 months – $87 ($7.25/month)
    Automatic free renewal (one time only) if your purchases exceed $1,500 during your year-long subscription.
I was connected before 10am but when the offer appeared online, it had already expired by 10:01. How come ?

All Boutique Magis offers are put online at 10am. Each merchant is generally put back online many times in intervals of a few days. If just 10 members purchase the offer in the first few seconds of it becoming available, it is possible for this offer to sell out very quickly.

Is it possible to make a reservation on a offer ?

Yes, it is. In a few easy steps, you can save time and money.

Once the day’s offer has sold out, certain merchants offer a reservation option for future online offers. The amount you reserve for a future offer will be applied to your account when that merchant’s next offer is put online.

Will I be able to check my balance for each merchant ?

Of course. You can follow up on each purchase and each transaction by accessing your account online, and you will receive a monthly statement by email.

What are the conditions as to purchases made with merchants via Boutique Magis ?

There are no date/day restrictions and you can spend the amounts available to you in your account as you see fit (according to the terms and conditions of your status level and special promotion purchases). https://magis.ca/en/terms You can therefore buy anything you want when visiting a merchant for which you have an available amount in your Boutique Magis account. When applicable, you can also take advantage of promotions or special in-store discounts offered by the merchant. There are also no restrictive or pre-selected menus in restaurants. Taxes and tip (when applicable) can even be paid with your Hello Visa Prepaid Card if you have added cash money to it.

What are the specific conditions for special limited-time promotions ?

Sometimes, Boutique Magis runs special limited-time promotions which are open to everybody and might be limited to certain participating businesses or types of businesses. These promotions might:

  • either offer a higher percentage bonus than your usual % (no matter your % or membership status – regular or VIP);
  • either with a special promotional code that allows you to receive an extra bonus amount.
    • No return to wallet will be accepted throughout the duration of the promotion.
    • The percentage offered during a promotion cannot be added on to your regular or VIP bonus percentage.
    • Example: When a flash promotion offers a 50% bonus for certain businesses, you can make the most of this great offer but the special bonus will not be added to your usual bonus amount.
    • The promotional code can only be used once.
    • Special offers are final and no paid or unused amount/balance purchased when benefiting from these special offers can be returned to your account or wallet. No refund available.
    • 4-month guarantee in the event of a business closing
    • If you have an amount in your account for a certain business and said business happens to shut down within four months following your purchase, we will return the amount paid to your wallet so that you can use it toward other purchases on Boutique Magis. However, if a business closes later than 4 months after your purchase, our guarantee expires and the amount you paid will not be reimbursed.
    • 4 month bonus amount, specific to a special promo.
      To encourage you to visit the restaurants and other businesses you have purchased Boutique Magis amounts for within the allotted time frame, a countdown will be posted in your online wallet. Your bonus percentage will be protected for 4 months from the purchase date but will disappear after that. This means only the amount you paid will be available for this business or restaurant after the 4-month period (including the amount you received thanks to the promotional code). Plus, remember: you will not be allowed to return this amount to your wallet since it was purchased during a special promotion period.
How does the Magis Money return to wallet function work ?

You may, within the time limits determined by your membership status, return available amounts or balances for one or more merchants to your Magis Money wallet so that you can make purchases with other merchants.

If you’ve already spent some money with a merchant and wish to return a balance to your Magis Money wallet, the amount will be ‘re-bonused’ the next time you use your Magis Money wallet for a purchase.

To make sure you make the most of the money you put into Boutique Magis, when an amount of less than $10 is idle for more than 60 days for any given merchant in your account, we automatically return that amount to your Magis Money wallet. Every month, an account statement is sent to you so you can keep track of your balances for each merchant you have purchased on the site.

Returns do not apply to special offers/promotions
These promotions are those that are of higher bonus value than your usual percentage (no matter what your % or status level, VIP or regular). These are final offers and no amount or unused balance can be returned to your Magis Money wallet.

How can I deposit a cash amount onto my Hello Magis Visa* Prepaid Card ?

If you want to add an extra cash amount onto your Hello Magis Visa Prepaid Card, you can do it at any time by accessing my account / my wallet.

How can I use my Magis money ?
  1. Spending an amount covering my purchases with a participating business
    Each bonus purchase you make with your account may be used toward purchases made with a specific business. Once you’ve completed your transaction, you can use your Magis Money instantly with that merchant.
  2. Returning an amount to your wallet
    You have a balance with a certain merchant and can’t or don’t wish to go back there? Not a problem! You can return the amount you invested to your wallet.
The ‘return to wallet’ option allows you to recoup the refundable part of your balance that corresponds to the amount you have invested and have yet to spend with a particular merchant.
    In just a few clicks, you can choose to return the refundable part of your balance to your Hello Visa Prepaid Card Magis Money wallet so that you can later purchase an amount with another participating merchant whenever you’re ready! To do so, go to your Profile page and click on My purchases. Once there, click to see the details of your cashback and your refundable balance. Then, follow instructions to complete the process.
    Return an amount to your wallet for six months following a purchase for VIP members. 2 free returns per month. The following will be billed at a cost of $ 2 per transaction.
    Return up to three months following a purchase subject to a $2 per transaction fee (for any amount of $10 or more) for regular members. This action is not available during promotions.
  3. Purchasing an offer using the money in my wallet:
    You have returned an amount to your wallet? Use that money next time you buy an amount on our online purchasing site. After adding a bonus purchase to your cart, you’ll be able to complete a transaction with the merchant using the money from your wallet.
What happens if a business closes ?

Although we are not legally responsible for businesses that unfortunately close down, we offer an exceptional 12-month guarantee to VIP members and 6-month guarantee to regular members for all merchants on Boutique Magis. Therefore, if a business closes within six to twelve months of your purchase and you still have an amount in your account with them, we’ll transfer the amount you paid back to your Magis Money wallet so you can use that money toward other purchases on Boutique Magis. However, if a business closes after your six to twelve month delay has lapsed, our guarantee does not apply and the amount will not be returned to you.

This step and our alerts/countdowns in your account have been created to encourage you to promptly use up the amounts you have purchased with merchants and put onto your Hello Visa Prepaid Card.

Is there a buying limit per purchase ?

The maximum authorized amount per offer varies from one offer to the next.

How can I get a new Hello Visa* Prepaid card ?

If you don’t have your Hello Visa Prepaid Card anymore, it can easily be replaced, provided you pay the $10 replacement fee. You will receive the new card through the mail. A new card in your name will automatically deactivate your old card and all purchase balances, if any, will be transferred to your new card. To request a new card, you must visit the online purchasing site you made your purchases on and click on the ‘Lost Card’ section. If you have any questions about a lost or stolen card, contact us at 514-842-8080 or through our toll-free number at 1-855-842-8080.

Are there purchase or deposit limits on my Hello Visa* Prepaid card ?

Please consult this link for the cardholder agreement details in the « Limits and Fees » section.

Can I use my card outside of Canada ?

No. The card is only for Canadian users. Furthermore, the card only accepts transactions in Canadian funds.

What a should do if I forget my pin if it is locked ?

To unlock or change your PIN, contact our customer services from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, at 514-842-8080 or toll free at 1-855-842-8080.

How can I challenge a transaction if necessary ?

If you need to challenge a transaction, you must contact Customer Service by dialing 514-842-8080, our toll free number: 1-855-842-8080.

Custumer service business hours

Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (Eastern Time), not including holidays, by dialing 514-842-8080 / 1-855-842-8080 or by emailing boutiquemagis@magis.ca.

Where can I read the card’s terms & conditions ?

At any time, you can access the card’s Terms & Conditions by visiting http://cdn.hellocard.ca/legal/tc-en.html for more information.

I’m a consumer and I’d like to tell you about a problem I had with my Magis Card during a transaction. What to do ?

Contact us by email at boutiquemagis@magis.ca, call us at 514-842-8080 / 1-855-842-8080 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm or ask the merchant to call us with the information on the back of your card.

I’m a Merchant and I’d like to take advantage of offers on Boutique Magis. What should I do ?

Contact our Customer Service by email at boutiquemagis@magis.ca or by phone at 514-842-8080 / 1-855-842-8080 and we’ll happily hook you up with an account representative.

I’d like my business to become a Boutique Magis partner so I can take advantage of the +30% bonus. How can I go about doing that?

Contact our Customer Service by email at boutiquemagis@magis.ca or by phone at 514-842-8080 / 1-855-842-8080 and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information on how your business can become a partner.

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