The Offer Reservation

The offer reservation feature allows you to put up a sum right away for an offer you like instead of waiting for it to be online. This feature has been set up in response to the success of some very popular offers that sell out in mere seconds.

For example: a Au Bon Resto offer was put online on December 1st and is Sold out. It’s possible to reserve right now for the upcoming (therefore, available) offer for December 10th. With the offer reservation feature, on the 1st of December and always within the limit of the available sum, you can reserve a sum of $50 for Au Bon Resto. This amount of $50 for the Au Bon Resto sum will be payable right away and you will be able to use it (when it will be in your account) on December 10th.

Some conditions apply, according to your membership status’ rules regarding offer reservation:

  • VIP Members: 2 free reservations each month (every month for the duration of your membership) After these 2 free reservations in the same month, you can make additional reservations for $5 each.
  • Regular members: Reservations cost $5 each.
The Automatic Cash Back to your Wallet Feature

To ensure that you fully benefit from the money you put in Boutique Magis, when you have a balance under $10 with a merchant for more than 60 days, we will automatically put the available money back in your wallet.

These balances are usually left there or forgotten by customers. But still, this is your money and it belongs to you.

Every month, all Boutique Magis members receive a statement showing their current balance with different businesses. This account statement is sent at the beginning of every month and only refers to the balance up to the preceding month’s last day.

For instance, in the first days of April, we send the account statement for March (the month that just ended). The balances found in this statement are shown as they were on Midnight, March 31st.

In this account statement, all balances of less than $10 and which have been inactive for more than 30 days are highlighted in yellow like the following.

Le Bon Resto8.00$

If during the 30 days following this statement, you do not carry out any transaction with these merchants, the balance will be reimbursed to your wallet automatically, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

To help you understand, we will refer to our last example.

At the beginning of April, you receive your March 31st account statement. You notice that you have $8 left in your balance for Le Bon Resto. Hence, you have until the end of April to make a transaction, or else your refundable balance will be put back automatically in your wallet.

Furthermore, if during the month following your account statement, you put in more money in a Boutique Magis deal for Le Bon Resto, obviously, this will also be considered as a transaction.

For instance, if you had an $8 balance left with Le Bon Resto and added $125 sometime during the month, your balance would now be of $133 and no money would be put back in your wallet.

NOTE : lthe sum of money reimbursed to your wallet will be the same as the refundable balance, that is the money you paid, without the bonus. To better understand what we mean by refundable balance, please click the following link:

What Is the Repayable Balance?

Also, to better understand the Cash Back to your Wallet feature, please click the following link:

What is the Cash Back to my Wallet feature?

How Does the Cash Back to my Wallet Feature Work ?

The Cash Back to my Wallet feature allows you to retrieve the money you used to purchase your Boutique Magis offers.

Just a few clicks and you will be able to put your repayable balance in your Boutique Magis wallet in order to use it to purchase other deals as you please.

To do so, you only have to go to your account page and locate Actions then the Cash Back to Wallet. Click on the icon to see the details regarding your cash back and your repayable balance. Just follow the steps on the screen to complete your transaction.

VIP Members

Cashback to wallet possible up to 6 months after your purchase.
Cost: 2 free cashback per month then $ 2 per additional cashback transaction.


Cashback to wallet possible up to 3 months after your purchase.
Cost: $ 2 per cashback transaction.

Also see

What is the repayable balance?

*2 free returns per month then $2 per transaction

What Is the Repayable Balance ?

Your repayable balance is the amount you used to purchase from a Boutique Magis retailer without the added value.

For example, let’s say you paid $100.00 for a restaurant, which has a +25% value

In this example, your account balance is $125.00 and your repayable balance is $100.00. You can retrieve your $100.00 at all times, by putting it back in your wallet.

DatePaidAdded ValueSpentBalanceRepayable Balance
May 18th 2018, 10h00$100.0025%-$0.00$125.00$100.00

If you already have spent some of your balance at the retailer, we calculate your repayable balance based upon the added value corresponding to your settings. Of course, you will get the added value the next time you use the amount you just put back in your wallet.

Free and Unlimited cash back up to 6 months after your purchase for VIP members*. Unlimited cash back up to 3 months after your purchase, at $2 by transaction (for any balance of $10 +) for regular members.

Calculating the Repayable Balance Following Transactions

Using the same example : you purchased $100.00 from a Boutique Magis retailer, which has a +25% value. Your account balance was $125.00, and you spent $50.00 at the retailer. Your account balance is now $75.00

At this moment, your repayable balance is $60.00, which is your balance without the 25% added value. This is the amount you can put back in your wallet.

DatePaidAdded ValueSpentBalanceRepayable Balance
May 18th 2018, 10h00$100.0025%-$50.00$75.00$60.00

The repayable balance feature does not apply to special offers or promotions

This is for promotions for which the added % is greater than yours (whatever your allocated % or membership status may be). These are final offers and no unused balance or paid amount can be put back in your wallet.

*2 free returns per month then $2 per transaction

What are the specific conditions for limited-time promotions?

Boutique Vie Urbaine Extra holds once in a while special promotions open to all and for a limited time, for selected businesses. These promotions are those with a higher % bonus than yours (whatever your % or membership status may be).

  • The % offered during a promotion does not add up to your % bonus.

For example : if a rapid sale promotion offers a 50% discount in some businesses, of course you can make a purchase but your bonus will not be added to the 50% already offered.

  • Special offers are final offers and no paid and unused sum/balance regarding these can be put back in your account.
  • 4-month warranty in case of a business closure

If a business for which you still have money in your account closes down during the 4 months following your purchase, we will put the paid sum back in your wallet, to use at your discretion for other purchases on Boutique Vie Urbaine Extra. However, if a business closes after the 4 months following your purchase, our warranty ceases and the sum will not be given back.

  • 4-month warranty on your % bonus for a specific promotion

To encourage you to visit the stores and restaurants for which there is an applied bonus in your account, and that you may have forgotten, a timer will be displayed in your online wallet. Your % bonus is protected for 4 months starting on the purchase date, then you will only have the paid sum and not the paid sum with bonus.


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